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Ottawa's First Mobile Dental Hygiene Van

Revolutionizing Oral Care with Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

Complete Oral Wellness is bringing professional dental hygiene care straight to your door.

Complete Oral Wellness Mobile mini Logo 2_edited.jpg
Complete Oral Wellness Mobile mini Logo 2_edited.jpg

Embrace the Benefits of Mobile Dental Care

Complete Oral Wellness Mobile mini Logo 2_edited.jpg

Comfortable Experience

Convenient Service

Comprehensive Care

Say goodbye to the stress of traditional dental clinics and enjoy professional dental hygiene care in your own surroundings.

No more juggling schedules or transportation constraints. We come straight to your doorstep.

From teeth cleaning to oral cancer screening, we provide diverse services for your complete oral wellness.


Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) will help ease financial barriers to accessing oral health care for eligible Canadian residents.

To find out more, visit: 

We understand that time constraints, mobility restrictions, and dental anxiety can often create hurdles in maintaining oral hygiene.

Our solution is a fully-equipped mobile dental hygiene vehicle providing accessible, comprehensive dental care including teeth cleaning, oral cancer screening, and teeth whitening.

Combating Dental Care Inaccessibility

Traditional dental care often involves context stress factors that serve as a deterrent to regular check-ups. For seniors, families, or individuals with mobility issues, reaching an oral care provider can be a challenge.

Complete Oral Wellness challenges the status quo by bringing your oral care provider to your doorstep. Our mobile dental hygiene vehicle is fully equipped with state-of-the-art concept to deliver a stress-free, professional dental care experience. We prioritize your comfort, convenience, and overall oral health.

Without professional dental care, unresolved oral hygiene problems can often lead to severe dental complications.

Imagine enjoying a beautiful, radiant smile, optimal oral health,

and stress-free dental care experience with Complete Oral Wellness.

We guide our customers through a simple, stress-free journey towards better oral health.

This is our simple process:

Complete Oral Wellness Mobile Van Logo.png

Step 1:
Schedule an appointment.

Expect seamless scheduling of appointments to fit your routine and needs.

Step 2:
Professional Dental Care

Experience the comfort and professionalism of receiving dental care in your own surroundings, combined with comprehensive services.

Step 3:
Enjoy Oral Health

Experience enhanced oral health and a radiant smile, all within the convenience of our professional dental van just steps away from your home.

Take a Peek Inside the Dental Van

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