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Tooth Gems

Tooth gems, also called dental gems or tooth jewels, are small decorative accessories applied to a tooth's surface for cosmetic purposes, usually made of crystals or rhinestones.

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Treatment Process

  • Consultation: Individual discusses preferences, selects the gem type, and determines the tooth's best location in consultation with a dental professional or tooth gem technician.

  • Tooth Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of the tooth surface to remove plaque and debris that might interfere with bonding.

  • Isolation of the Tooth: Tooth isolation using a dental dam or cotton roll to keep it dry during application.

  • Application of Adhesive: Dental adhesive or bonding agent is applied, allowing temporary attachment of the gem.

  • Placement of the Tooth Gem: Careful placement of the gem using tweezers or an applicator, ensuring correct and secure positioning.

  • Curing or Setting: Some adhesives may require curing or setting, often involving a curing light to bond the gem securely.

  • Final Inspection: Technician ensures secure attachment, proper alignment, and a clean surrounding area.


  • Cosmetic Enhancement: Adds a unique and eye-catching cosmetic touch, allowing individuals to express style through their smile.

  • Temporary and Reversible: Applied with temporary adhesives, making it reversible without causing damage if removal is desired.

  • Customization: Various shapes, colors, and sizes for personalized preferences and style.

  • Minimal Impact on Tooth Structure: Non-invasive cosmetic option with minimal or no alteration to tooth structure.

  • Non-Permanent Fashion Statement: Allows experimentation with different looks as a non-permanent fashion statement.

  • Safe Materials: Generally uses safe materials designed for temporary adherence without harming tooth enamel.

  • Low Risk of Allergic Reactions: Materials used are unlikely to cause allergies, minimizing the risk of adverse effects.

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Note: Tooth gem application should be performed by a trained professional for proper hygiene and to minimize potential complications.

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