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Welcome to Shannon's Mobile Dental Hygiene Van!

Complete Oral Wellness by Shannon Maitland RDH is a unique business providing accessible dental hygiene care in our mobile dental hygiene van to Ottawa, Carleton Place and surrounding ares

At Complete Oral Wellness, we strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for our clients. Our mobile dental hygiene vehicle is designed to bring exceptional dental hygiene care directly to your doorstep. We offer customized dental hygiene services for clients of all ages, including those who experience dental anxiety, busy mothers, individuals without access to transportation, and those with mobility issues. 

Meet Shannon

Shannon Maitland, RDH, the visionary founder behind Complete Oral Wellness. Fueled by a deep passion for delivering exceptional dental care with a personal touch, Shannon's journey in the dental field is characterized by clinical expertise, extensive research, and an unyielding commitment to enhancing the oral health of individuals and families.


Complete Oral Wellness by Shannon, offering accessible dental hygiene care through our innovative mobile dental hygiene van. 

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Why a Mobile Dental Hygiene Van?

Shannon envisioned a dental care solution that's simple, convenient, and accessible for families. The mobile aspect allows you to book appointments for everyone at once, ensuring a seamless experience for busy families. With the van only steps away from your home, dental care becomes effortlessly integrated into your lifestyle. Additionally, we offer direct billing to alleviate any financial strains, making high-quality dental hygiene services accessible to all.

Superior Service, Personalized Attention

At Complete Oral Wellness, we adhere to the recognized definition of evidence-based healthcare practice, integrating the best research evidence with clinical expertise and client values. This approach enhances our risk assessment and management for dental hygiene, fostering a diagnostic and therapeutic alliance between our clinicians and clients. The result is optimized clinical outcomes and an improved quality of life.

Bringing Expertise, Knowledge, and Passion

Complete Oral Wellness Mobile mini Logo 2_edited.jpg

Shannon brings to you the culmination of her rising career—expertise, knowledge gained through extensive research, and a genuine passion for dental health. Every aspect of our service is infused with the commitment to provide top-notch care that goes beyond the ordinary.

We guide our customers through a simple, stress-free journey towards better oral health.

This is our simple process:


Step 1:
Schedule an appointment.

Expect seamless scheduling of appointments to fit your routine and needs.

Step 2:
Professional Dental Care

Experience the comfort and professionalism of receiving dental care in your own surroundings, combined with comprehensive services.

Step 3:
Enjoy Oral Health

Experience enhanced oral health and a radiant smile, all within the convenience of our professional dental van just steps away from your home.

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