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Long-Term Care

Contacting a mobile dental hygiene service for a long-term care facility involves reaching out to a dental hygiene provider to inquire about and schedule dental care services that can be delivered directly to the facility using a mobile dental unit. This approach is particularly beneficial for residents of long-term care facilities who may face challenges in accessing traditional dental clinics.

Dental Work


  • Contact Initiation: Long-term care facilities contact mobile dental hygiene providers via phone, email, or online form below.

  • Facility Information: Facility details, resident count, and scheduling preferences are provided to the dental hygiene service.

  • Service Discussion: The dental hygiene provider discusses offered services, including cleanings, exams, and preventive treatments.

  • Scheduling: Mutual interest leads to scheduling, coordinating dates for the mobile dental unit to visit the facility.

  • Paperwork and Consent: Necessary paperwork and consents are collected to comply with regulations and gather resident information.

On-Site Dental Care

  • Arrival of Mobile Unit: The equipped mobile dental unit arrives on schedule at the long-term care facility.

  • Dental Services: The dental hygiene team provides services, including cleanings, exams,, fluoride treatments, and oral hygiene education.

Post-Service Steps

  • Documentation:
    Detailed documentation of services, findings, and follow-up recommendations is maintained.

  • Follow-Up Care:
    Recommendations for follow-up care or additional services are provided based on visit findings.

Billing and Coordination

  • Billing Process: Coordination of billing, involving insurance, private pay, or government healthcare programs, if applicable.

Dentist Appointment
Dental Work

Benefits of Mobile Dental Hygiene

  • Accessibility: Enhances dental care accessibility for residents, overcoming travel challenges.

  • Convenience: Minimizes logistical challenges by bringing dental care directly to the facility.

  • Comprehensive Care: Residents receive comprehensive dental care in a familiar environment.
    Individualized Attention: Tailored care considers the unique needs and preferences of each resident.

  • Reduced Disruptions: Minimizes disruptions to daily routines for both residents and facility operations.

  • Preventive Focus: Promotes preventive oral health measures, addressing issues proactively.

  • Efficiency and Coordination: Streamlines scheduling and coordination, ensuring efficient dental care for multiple residents.
    Improved Oral Health Outcomes: Boosts overall well-being through convenient, accessible, and personalized oral health services.

Contacting mobile dental hygiene services for long-term care facilities addresses oral health barriers, offering a tailored and convenient approach for residents.

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