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Oral Cancer Screening

 A preventive and diagnostic procedure conducted by dental professionals to detect signs of oral cancer or precancerous conditions. Aims to identify abnormalities early for more effective treatment.

Tooth Exam

Treatment Process

  • Patient History Review: We will review your medical and oral health history, considering risk factors like tobacco use, alcohol consumption, family cancer history, and HPV exposure. 

  • Visual Examination: Thorough visual check of the oral cavity, including lips, gums, tongue, and mouth roof/floor. Looks for lumps, sores, patches, or texture changes.

  • Palpation of Neck and Jaw: Palpation of neck and jaw to detect swelling or enlarged lymph nodes, indicating potential issues.

  • Education and Counseling: Provides education on oral cancer risk factors and counseling on lifestyle changes to reduce risk during screening.


  • Early Detection: Early identification increases treatment success and positive outcomes.

  • Preventive Intervention: Allows for preventive measures to reduce the risk of progression to full-blown cancer.

  • Enhanced Treatment Success: Early detection leads to less invasive treatment options and higher success rates.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Contributes to better patient outcomes through prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

  • Facilitation of Patient Education: Offers an opportunity for education on risk factors, lifestyle choices, and preventive measures.

  • Peace of Mind: Regular screening provides peace of mind, knowing oral health is monitored and issues addressed promptly.

  • Integration into Routine Dental Care: Incorporating screening into routine dental exams ensures comprehensive care for both dental and overall health.

  • Promotion of Early Detection Practices: Encourages proactive health measures, promoting a culture of self-examination and early reporting of symptoms.

Dental Checkup

While oral cancer screening is valuable, it's not definitive. Suspicious findings may require further investigation. Regular dental check-ups, including screenings, are crucial for overall health and well-being.

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